Rogers PCB Semiconductor Circuit Board High Efficiency Gold plating Finish

Place of Origin Shenzhen, China
Brand Name Ben Qiang
Certification ISO/TS16949/RoHS/TS16949
Model Number FR-4/Rogers
Minimum Order Quantity 1PCS
Price custom made
Packaging Details Air bead vacuum packaging
Delivery Time 3-7 days delivery
Payment Terms Bank Transfer/Alipay/PayPal
Supply Ability 200,000 square meters/year

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Product Details
Impedance Control No Usage OEM Electronics
Feature High TG Special Blind Microvias
Through Hole Technology No Min Trace Width 0.1mm
Surface Finish Gold Plating 50U" Pcba Service Turnkey Assembly PCB Service
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Semiconductor Circuit Board HASL Finish


Semiconductor Circuit Board High Efficiency


Rogers Pcb Semiconductor

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Product Description

High-Performance Semiconductor Circuit Board with FR-4 and High-Efficiency Gold plating

Product Description:

Semiconductor PCB - The Ultimate Board for Semiconductor Applications

Semiconductor PCB is a revolutionary product that has been specially designed to meet the high demands of the semiconductor industry. This cutting-edge printed circuit board offers advanced features and capabilities that make it the ideal choice for OEM electronics.

Turnkey Assembly PCB Service for Seamless Integration

Our Semiconductor PCB comes with a comprehensive turnkey assembly service, which means that we take care of all stages of PCB production, from design to fabrication and assembly. This ensures a seamless integration of all components and a high-quality end product.

Designed for OEM Electronics

Semiconductor PCB is the perfect choice for OEM electronics as it offers unparalleled performance and reliability. With its advanced features and capabilities, it is the go-to board for a wide range of electronic applications.

Impressive Min Hole Size for Precision

One of the standout features of our Semiconductor PCB is its impressive min hole size of 0.2mm, which ensures precise and accurate drilling. This makes it perfect for applications that require high precision, such as semiconductors.

Advanced Drilling Size for Versatility

In addition to its small min hole size, our Semiconductor PCB also boasts a drilling size of a minimum of 0.0078” (0.2mm). This allows for versatile use and makes it suitable for a wide range of electronic applications.

Min Trace Width for Optimal Performance

With a min trace width of 0.1mm, our Semiconductor PCB offers exceptional performance and reliability. This ensures that the board can handle high-speed signals and deliver optimal results for various electronic applications.

Experience the Power of Semiconductor PCB Today

If you are looking for a PCB that can meet the high demands of the semiconductor industry, look no further than Semiconductor PCB. With its advanced features and turnkey assembly service, it is the ultimate board for semiconductor applications. Contact us today to learn more and experience the power of Semiconductor PCB for yourself.



  • Semiconductor PCB
  • Circuit Board for Semiconductor
  • Circuit Board for Semiconductor Industry
  • Lead Time: 2 Weeks
  • Drilling Size: Min 0.0078”(0.2mm)
  • Min Trace Width: 0.1mm
  • Special: Blind Microvias
  • Impedance Control: No

Technical Parameters:

Product Attribute Technical Parameter
Printed PCB for Semiconductor Semiconductor PCB
Semiconductor Board 38 Layers
Semiconductor Circuit Board FR-4 Material
Through Hole Technology No
Lead Time 2 Weeks
Min Hole Size 0.2mm
Feature High TG
Pcba Service Turnkey Assembly PCB Service
Min Trace Width 0.1mm
Layer Count 38
Impedance Control No
Surface Finish Gold plating


Semiconductor PCB - Product Application Scenarios

Semiconductor PCB, also known as semiconductor circuit board or semiconductor printed circuit board , is a type of printed circuit board (PCB) specifically designed for electronic devices that utilize semiconductors. It is an essential component in the production of various electronic products such as computers, smartphones, and other electronic devices. In this article, we will discuss the application scenarios of this product in detail.

Impedance Control: No

Semiconductor PCBs do not require impedance control as they are mainly used for connecting and supporting electronic components in a device. However, they are designed to have a specific thickness and copper layer to ensure proper functioning. This makes them suitable for various applications where impedance control is not a critical factor.

Layer Count: 38

As the name suggests, semiconductor PCBs have a layer count of 2, which means they have two layers of copper tracks separated by a layer of insulating material. This simple design makes them cost-effective and suitable for applications that do not require complex circuitry.

Drilling Size: Min 0.0078”(0.2mm)

One of the key features of semiconductor PCBs is their small drilling size, with a minimum of 0.0078” (0.2mm). This allows for precise placement of electronic components, making them ideal for compact and intricate devices. The small drilling size also ensures efficient use of space and reduces the overall size of the device.

Lead Time: 2 Weeks

Semiconductor PCBs have a lead time of 2 weeks, which is relatively short compared to other types of PCBs. This is because they have a simple design and do not require complex manufacturing processes. This makes them a popular choice for time-sensitive projects and enables manufacturers to meet tight production deadlines.

Surface Finish: Gold plating

Semiconductor PCBs are typically finished with Gold plating , which is a commonly used surface finish method. This process involves coating the copper tracks with a layer of solder, which protects the PCB from oxidation and makes it easier to solder electronic components onto the board. It also provides a smooth surface for the components to be mounted on, ensuring a secure and reliable connection.

Now, let's take a look at some of the application scenarios where semiconductor PCBs are commonly used:

  • Consumer Electronics: Semiconductor PCBs are widely used in consumer electronics such as smartphones, laptops, and gaming consoles. Their small size, cost-effectiveness, and efficient production time make them the preferred choice for manufacturers in this industry.
  • Industrial Equipment: From control panels to power supplies, semiconductor PCBs are an essential component in various industrial equipment. Their compact size and ability to withstand high temperatures and vibrations make them suitable for use in harsh environments.
  • Medical Devices: Semiconductor PCBs are also used in medical devices such as pacemakers, insulin pumps, and diagnostic equipment. Their small size and reliability make them ideal for use in these critical and sensitive devices.
  • Automotive Industry: With the rise of electric and hybrid vehicles, there is a growing demand for semiconductor PCBs in the automotive industry. They are used in various electronic systems such as engine control units, airbag sensors, and infotainment systems.

In conclusion, semiconductor PCBs are a vital component in the production of electronic devices and are widely used in various industries. Their simple design, small drilling size, and efficient production time make them a cost-effective solution for many applications. With continuous advancements in technology, the demand for semiconductor PCBs is expected to rise in the future, making it an essential product in the electronics industry.



Semiconductor PCB Customization Service

This service is designed specifically for PCBs used in the semiconductor industry, providing high-quality and customized solutions for your semiconductor board needs.

Product Attributes:
  • Min Trace Width: 0.1mm
  • Testing Service: Function Test, 100% Test
  • Feature: High TG
  • Solder Mask Color: Green
  • Usage: OEM Electronics

Our PCBs for semiconductors are specially designed to meet the demanding requirements of the industry. With a minimum trace width of 0.1mm, our PCBs ensure precision and accuracy in your semiconductor applications.

Testing Service:

We offer function testing and 100% testing for all our semiconductor PCBs. This ensures that your PCBs are fully functional and meet the highest quality standards, giving you peace of mind and saving you time and resources.

Feature: High TG

FR4 High TG is a high-performance material that is widely used in the semiconductor industry. It offers excellent electrical properties, low loss, and high frequency capabilities, making it the ideal choice for your semiconductor PCB needs.

Solder Mask Color: Green

The green solder mask color is the standard for PCBs used in the semiconductor industry. It provides excellent contrast for component placement and easy identification of circuitry, ensuring efficient production and assembly processes.

Usage: OEM Electronics

Our PCBs for semiconductors are specifically designed for use in OEM electronics. Whether you need PCBs for consumer electronics, industrial equipment, or any other OEM application, our customization service can meet your unique requirements.

Choose our Semiconductor PCB Customization Service for reliable and high-quality PCB solutions that cater to the specific needs of the semiconductor industry. Contact us today to discuss your project and get a quote.


Packing and Shipping:

Semiconductor PCB
Packaging and Shipping

The Semiconductor PCB product will be packaged in a sturdy cardboard box to ensure safe transportation and handling. The box will be labeled with the product name and any necessary identification or handling instructions.


The product will be shipped via a trusted and reliable shipping company to ensure timely delivery and proper handling of the product. The shipping method will be chosen based on customer preferences and availability.

For international shipments, the product will be packed in accordance with all necessary regulations and customs requirements.

Tracking information will be provided to the customer once the product has been shipped.