Commonly used PCB board brands, what are the commonly used PCB boards?

January 24, 2024
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PCB board is an indispensable key material in electronic products. It plays an important role in electrical properties, mechanical properties and thermal properties. This article will introduce you to several commonly used PCB board brands and their characteristics one by one to help you choose the PCB board that suits your needs.


Commonly used PCB board brands, what are the commonly used PCB boards?


1.FR-4 plate

FR-4 is a fiberglass laminate with good mechanical properties, electrical properties and thermal stability. It is currently one of the most commonly used PCB boards, with many suppliers and brands available on the market. FR-4 sheet has high insulation performance, high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance, as well as good processing performance and dimensional stability. Therefore, FR-4 sheets are widely used in electronic product manufacturing, communication equipment, automotive electronics and other fields.


2. High frequency plate

High-frequency board is a special PCB board whose main feature is low dielectric loss and low transmission loss in high-frequency circuit applications. Common high-frequency plate brands include Rogers, Isola, Taconic, etc. These brands of high-frequency sheets have high dielectric constant, low dielectric loss and excellent dimensional stability, and are suitable for high-frequency circuit fields such as wireless communications, radar systems, and satellite communications.


3.Metal base plate

Metal substrate is a PCB board with a metal base. Common metal substrate materials include aluminum substrate and copper substrate. The brands of aluminum substrates include LOROM, MBI, Elite, etc., and the brands of copper substrates include Kingboard, Nanya, etc. Metal-based plates have excellent heat dissipation performance, good mechanical strength and electromagnetic shielding performance, and are suitable for high-power LED lighting, power modules and other fields.


Commonly used PCB board brands, what are the commonly used PCB boards?


4.Polyimide sheet

Polyimide sheet is a high-performance insulating material with good high temperature resistance and chemical corrosion resistance. Common polyimide sheet brands include F4B, Arlon, etc. Polyimide sheets have low dielectric loss, good mechanical properties and dimensional stability, and are suitable for aerospace, high-speed digital communications, medical equipment and other fields.


In summary, commonly used PCB board brands include FR-4, Rogers, Isola, Taconic, LOROM, MBI, Elite, Kingboard, Nanya, F4B, Arlon, etc. Different brands and materials have their own characteristics and applicable fields. Choosing the appropriate PCB board requires comprehensive consideration based on specific application requirements. I hope this article can help readers choose appropriate PCB boards and improve the quality and performance of electronic products.